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Summer Reading Competition

This summer your children have a chance to compete with their teacher for the most hours read! The link to a google doc is attached to this post with more information regarding the requirements for the competition as well as a reading log sheet. If you would like to participate in the competition you are welcome to print out the document before I start updating it this next Sunday with my hours. This document link will live update when I edit it, so you can come back to this page 2 weeks from now and see how much I have read for the past 2 weeks. I will simply be loging  hours, and that is all I expect from your child as well. Happy reading!

Reading log document

Always keep exploring,
Ms. D
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Project Showcase!!

At our project showcase this year we had 3 main projects to show off. First was the Wax Museum Biographies. After that, we had several videos that we have been working on this year that we have not had time to show off. And lastly we had our miniature state parade float projects.
Your kids did SUCH a FANTASTIC job!!! I was blown away! I'll let the pictures and videos speak for themselves. Make sure you check out all the links to the videos. I am so proud of all the hard work that these kids did this year!

National Park Videos

Project Showcase

As we approach the end of the year we are getting excited about all the neat things we have to show you! Please invite your family and friends to come out and see what we have been working on all year. See you there!

January 12- Snowday Assignments

With all of these snow days piling up on us I don't want us to get more behind than we already are. These assignments should not take you long, but they will help keep us on track for next week.  Everyone should have a total of 150 reading minutes for the whole week (120 due Friday if we return to school then, or 150 by Monday).If you did not do the 5x each for spelling and 3x each for memory verse that was assigned Monday in the newsletter for a bonus, that is due the day we return to school. The spelling and memory verse test will be the day after we return to school (So, Monday if we have school Friday, Tuesday if we don't return till Monday)Moby Max needs to be done if you forgot to do it Tuesday night.4th graders need to complete this worksheet- 4th Grade Math (either print it out, or copy the problems onto another paper). This has the answers, so you may use it to check your work- just remember that I have to see how you got your answer. The gray sheet I sent home Tuesda…